Mission Wear Transformation Fashion Show and Fundraiser

WHAT: Misson Wear Transformation Fashion Show and Fundraiser

WHO: Mission Wear; a Denver-based non-profit organization

WHEN: Thursday, May 7, 2015

WHERE: First Baptist Church; 1373 Grant Street, Denver

Mission Wear’s upcycling fashion show is back! Remember last year, when we saw refuse and other materials find new life through fashion? (If you need a refresher, see my First Class Fashionista Post here on the first Mission Wear Fashion Show and winners from 2014.) This event is returning for Spring with a theme of ‘Transformation'; transforming these otherwise unwanted materials into desirable designs to be rocked by local models and Mission Wear program participants.

Bonus- it’s all for a good cause.

Mission Wear is a non-profit sewing business which aims to provide women with employment challenges a place to gain the skills and confidence they need to rejoin the workforce and support themselves and their families. As part of this goal, Mission Wear exclusively uses recycled materials that would otherwise be discarded to make their totes, messenger and laptop bags. Get it? Mission Wear is founded on recycling, and what better way to promote that with a fashion show founded on the same idea?

“We are passionate about helping women who are recovering from substance abuse or have a history of felony or homelessness,” explains Mission Wear founder, Beth Massey. “These women often want to work, but are not given the chance to prove that. Mission Wear offers these women a safe, supportive environment in which to gain experience and the skills they need to re-enter the workplace.”

Transformation Fashion Show and Fundraiser is a night to give back and celebrate social responsibility with eco-fashion on the runway, music, and showcasing the talents of Denver designers. Student designers and artists are asked to reuse old or recyclable materials that would normally go to landfill to create a piece of art that is not only durable, but looks hip and fashionable and can be worn again or recycled after the show. Repurposed designs will be paired with accessories provided by Mission Wear employees, the show’s fashion sponsor, Wash Park boutique birds & belles and local jeweler Canned Goods. Hair design provided by D’Ametri’s Aveda Salon.

The winning design will be on display at birds & belles boutique for the month of June and awarded a professional sewing serger – a fashion designer’s dream tool. A serger would be a fantastic prize for any aspiring designer!

“What a dream come true to aid in giving women another chance by providing eco-friendly, resale clothing,” says Kyla DeTienne, owner of birds & belles boutique. “Mission Wear continues to provide quality merchandise through their programs to the customers of birds & belles, and we couldn’t be more proud of the work they are doing in our community.”

Canapés will be provided by Noodles & Company and Marco’s Coal-Fired Pizza with libations supplied by Great Divide Brewery. Live entertainment will be provided by the band, Narrow Gauge.

Admission to Transformation Fashion Show available for purchase online at www.themissionwear.org and in person at birds & belles boutique 1113 S. Pearl Street Denver, Colorado 80210. All proceeds go to support Mission Wear. Attendees can also support Mission Wear by purchasing specialty items via live and silent auction that evening.
For more information on Mission Wear visit www.themissionwear.org or to inquire about the design contest contact Irma Reyes at ireyes0520@hotmail.com.
Transformation Fashion Show is generously sponsored by: birds & belles boutique (www.birdsnbellesclothing.com), The Art Institute of Colorado (http://www.artinstitutes.edu/denver/), Canned Goods (www.cannedgoods.net) , D’Ametri’s Aveda Salon (www.dametris.biz) , Great Divide Brewery(www.greatdivide.com) , Marco’s Coal-Fired Pizza(www.marcoscoalfiredpizza.com) and Noodles & Company (www.noodles.com).

Tokyo Fashion Week 2015 Highlights

This post should really be called “Why Tokyo Fashion Week is My Favorite”. Seriously, they are in that niche between where they have amazing designers and shows, but it’s not so permeated by big labels that we see the same things every year. Japan excites me because they are always pushing the envelope. Let’s take a look at a few of the highlights from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo 2015.

Streetwear: Killer. Menswear: On point. Wheelchair fashion: Wait what?

Photo from Savvy Tokyo; Takafumi Tsuruta brand- Tenbo

Yeah. This Okay, so similar things were done earlier this year. An acress with Down’s Syndrome and a male model amputee walked the runways at New York and Milan. But the Takafumi Tsuruta brand dedicated an entire catwalk show to an easy-to-wear collection. The clothing was modeled by the able-bodied and disabled alike, and was flaunted by models who had prosthetic limbs, were blind, or used a wheelchair. That wheelchair girl was the cutest thing in the world, too. The 24-year-old Ami Sano was greatful for the opportunity, and spoke about how there is still stigma in Japan about those with disabilities and she hoped to inspire a step in the direction of change.

Photo from the DailyMail

Photo from Grazia

And since I brought up menswear…
Can I just say that nobody does men’s clothing quite like Japan? Their men, although probably considered ‘metro’ here, oftentimes are a little more into grooming. Being fashion-forward for a man in Japan means the whole 9; using skincare, trendy hair, cool clothes. Since Japan’s womenswear tends to be a bit more conservative than Western styles, I feel like it helps to put emphasis on the menswear. I will let some photos speak for themselves. I would die happy if I could get my country boy into anything like this.

Photo from AsiaOne News; “FACTOTUM” by Japanese designer Koji Udo

Photo from Fashion Glossary

Photo from Fashion United

Everybody who follows the theatricality knows that joining in on the streets is half of the fun of Fashion Week, and Tokyo is no exception. Check out these looks from the fashionistas and fashionistos of Japan (and just *try* to pretend you’re not dying of envy).
Photo from Garotas Modernas

Photo from Modern East Journal

Photo from BigoDino

Photo from Jenny.gr

ありがとうございます !


Must-Haves for Spring 2015


Spring is coming. (I know; that sounds way better than Winter coming. If you hate being cold and are perpetually pale, like me). And with spring, is spring cleaning. This should include going through your clothes, tossing those pieces you aren’t going to wear again, and swapping them for new pieces.


Here are the Pantone colors for Spring 2015. If you are on the fence about keeping an item for another year, or if you are looking for something trendy that you can get your hands on right now- reference the chart! Thankfully, colors do tend to cycle and even if that exact tone isn’t on trend this year, chances are something really similar will be. Use discretion. If you love it and the color isn’t on trend, keep it anyway. It’s your clothing, for heaven’s sake. This is just a jumping-off point.

For all of you fashionistas looking to be super on-trend this spring, welcome the season with some of these essential pieces. Bonus: Look for your favorite version of these essential pieces in your favorite trend color. Take that, Spring!

They’re just wonderful for Spring. Seriously. It’s a dress, it’s shorts, it’s an easy one-piece toss on. Factor in the weather, and you have a nice breezy outfit that you don’t have to fret about flashing everyone in come the spring winds. Not all rompers are made the same, so understand your frame and your torso length to get the best one for you! Look at how long the bodice is and how short the legs are- that’s how I choose mine.

print dresses.
If you can’t wear a fun print dress for Spring, when can you? Never, that’s when. Or, in my book- whenever you feel like it. Regardless, floral and ethnic prints are so in for the weather, and you can always add a cute jacket for the more chilly days and the changing weather. Take a look at some darling ones here~

Daylight savings time has begun (for those of us here that have it) and I literally have been blind without a loyal pair of sunny’s. Since I perpetually lose them, I also recommend two if you can afford it – one for the purse and one for the car. Cat eyes and rounds are everywhere this season, but go for a pair that flatters your face- you’ll be much happier if you choose this way.

spring shoes.
Get some shoes with SPRING. That was a godawful pun, I’m so sorry.
But now after two seasons of closed-toe and boots, we can again paint our pigy toes and flaunt them to the world. Slip-ons are also fantastic in case it’s still chilly and you want to look devil-may-care-cool. Highly recommend.

So there are a few of my picks for the essentials for Spring fashion 2015. What are you going to wear? It’s 70 today; I have on a maxi skirt and a cropped denim jacket. Bring it, warm weather. ;)

Best Dressed of the 2015 Oscars

image from Cinema10

I don’t know about you- but after last year of *live tweeting for the Oscar’s PR*, I absolutely had to catch this year’s.
I’m sure everyone has their own opinions of best and worst dresses, so here is mine. Much like the chocolate lava cake at restaurants, this is a staple that you shouldn’t really skip putting on the menu. However, I only really want to focus on the good. Let’s be positive.

If you disagree- please share your favorites and least liked! I am always up for a fashion discussion. So, who was *my* best-dressed of the 2015 Oscars?



image from OK Magazine

Okay, my obsession with Lupita is pretty well known ’round these parts. My co-worker and I were going to have her model our bridal line. Headhunting her should probably begin now, considering how fabulous she always looks. Her dress this year was a Calvin Klein made of 6,000 pearls strung together. Surprisingly, she said it was actually comfortable! I can’t imagine how much that dress must have weighed; she is a champ. Bonus points: Lupita is always poised and articulate. Classy is as classy does.
image from El Pais
In Lanvin. With a blazer, a shell and sublte Fred Leighton jewelry, Meryl has class down to a science. That slit in her skirt exudes sex appeal without being too trashy or revealing, once again proving that she will remain in the top tier of chic actresses to grace the ‘Best Dressed’ of Oscars lists in years to come.
image from Hanimlarin Dunyasi
Chartruese is a dangerous color. Emma Stone rocks it- yikes, no pun intended- flawlessly. Her custom Elie Saab gown was a mix of modest sophistication and flirty accents (notice the slit here as welL!). The sleeves give it a bit of older grace while the cut-out silhouette reminds us of Emma’s playfulness and youth, which is perfectly matched with that bold hue. A win in my book.
image from Cosmopolitan Magazine
Honestly, I haven’t thought of this woman since Jurrasic Park. And not the new one. In this Alberta Ferretti dress, however, she steals the show. The entire look flatters and elongates her figure while still displaying her curves. And that armored texture? Yes. Fashion warrior goddess.
image from Yahoo! Images

Love her or hate her, J-Lo has to be included in this list. Although in my opinion her ballgown Elie Saab was probably not the most appropriate for the event (watch her she has to smush it to the side and take up her neighbor’s space while they sit), it is still a fantastic and stunning design. The beading looks incredible and that blush tone is really on trend right now. (Rihanna did the huge ballgown thing already at the Grammy’s this year- sorry J-Lo, you missed the ‘wow’ and ‘shock’ factors.)
Whelp, there it is.
I didn’t see a whole lot of “wow” dresses this year, which I thought was unfortuntate.I also cannot get behind this #AskHerMore movement. For those of you not in ‘the know’, the campaign is being run by The Representation Project, which aims to balance gender equality through film. This dissauded the interviewers on the red carpet from inquiring about the fashion choices of their star-interviewee’s and instead was intended to coax them into asking questions of more “depth”.

Many fashion designers, including Elie Saab- a red carpet staple, got a big boost towards their careers by dressing celebs for the awards. Saab dressed Halle Berry for her 2002 Academy Award appearance in which she won the award for Best Actress, and was soon after skyrocketed into being the household fashion name we now know. These dresses are given out to the celebrities oftentimes in a symbiotic PR move! How awful our designers now get no credit for something they labor over!
There are further complications as well, which are all very well explained in this article on the US News website.
Next year, I’m hoping for more gowns & more glory as far as the fashion world goes. I want them to ask her about the dress. I want him to be asked about his tux. Then it’s totally move on to current work, okay? #AskTheRightQuestions.


It’s been nearly a month; what in the heck have I been doing?! Gack, so sorry!

So: here’s an update!
Mostly, I’ve been working on moving. We did finally find a place (yay!) which is a bit removed from the city (boo), but I will have an office/sewing space *and* a parking spot. Swanky. Said office space/lady cave/studio, hereafter to be referred to as my “Serahtory” (Serah + territory, get it? I know, not that funny) has been a source of unending I-want-to-make-that. Do you guys have some super cool DIY decor or furniture tips? I would love to hear them.

As for the space, here’s what I’m going for:

Sewing Room

The Serahtory. Oh yeah, you better believe that lame quote was me.



Well, I blogged about feathers; the eccentric trend for Spring/Summer 2015:


read about the trend alert for feathers at First Class Fashionista

I raided IKEA scrap wood for a variation on the project below, found at Craptastic (heh, perfect for my DIY work). I could use a thread holder. Desperately. This basket thing is *not* the way to go, people.


make your own thread holder. In this case, the Not Yo Mama’s Thread Holder.

And made some mildly inappropriate Valentine’s Day cards. I used this tutorial found on Apartment Therapy, which uses thrift store romance novel paperbacks to make postcards for V-day. Fun, easy, funny for the mailpeople and recipient alike. Plus, there are enough old romance novels out there to fill every landfill ever. Yay, recycling.

diy some of your own. great for all occasions, really.


So, there it is in a nutshell. I promise, fashion things to come by later this week. Cross my heart and hope to not buy anything on Amazon ever again. (And I need Amazon to live.). Thank you for your patience while I sort my life out! Anyone have any great renter-friendly apartment upgrades? Any fantastic #OOTD’s? Share!

A Workout Playlist for 2015

Best Workout Playlist of 2015

For many people, we are approaching the part of January where life gets real. Gone is the shiny new-ness of the New Year’s Resolutions, and now it’s time for a decision. Will you A., decide that you were crazy and back out, returning to the loving arms of pizza and Netflix nights (I would understand), or B., buckle down, look in the mirror, and resolve to see these aspirations through?

According to a study done on Statistic Brain, losing weight is the number 1 New Year’s resolution, yet only 8% of people achieve their goal. Yikes! That’s probably why I don’t make resolutions. That, or the fact that I have no concept of the linear progression of time and just made goals frequently, and at random. Although it is not a resolution, I too aspire to lose weight and get more fit. Especially post-holidays, where we have an obscene amount of sugar still in the house, it’s a hard thing to do. Those comfy leggings make me want to throw on an over-sized sweater and snuggle, not run laps.

BUT! There’s a solution. Music. The Huff Post has a fantastic article about why exercise is so much better with music, which can be read here. In a nutshell, music distracts you from being bored, being in pain, and keeps you moving. Be it through the associative memory you might have with a song (who doesn’t get excited to hear “their jam”?), or through beat and tempo, studies show that music has a huge impact on workouts.

Panda Work Out

To keep those of you resolution-ers still pushing through, I present to you an ever-evolving workout playlist for 2015. No, I will not put “Eye of the Tiger” on this playlist. No “Final Countdown”. These are some tracks that you hopefully haven’t heard a million times, throughout various genres to keep you moving, no matter how you work it out. “Footloose” is my only seen-that-before-on-running-playlists go-to. I would apologize, but I am withholding said apology until you blast it towards the end of a run. If you don’t feel like moving your feet a little bit (heck, it’s a great beat for a grapevine/karaoke, amiright?), I will stand corrected.

This playlist can be found on Spotify, either through the embedded player below, or by typing in “https://play.spotify.com/user/invogueish” to the search bar, or “Workout InVogueish“. A text version of the track list when this post was originally published can be found at the end of this post.

Follow us on Spotify!

Submit your favorite new or alternative working out tunes! What gets you pumped? What do you put on when you feel like you just can’t go anymore? I have to know! Suggestions may be added onto the playlist. xoxo

The Airborne Toxic Event – Hell And Back
Art Of Dying – Die Trying
Krewella – Enjoy the Ride
Vice – The World Is Our Playground (Edit) [feat. Mike Taylor]
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Can’t Hold Us – feat. Ray Dalton
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Make The Money
Drake – Forever
Morgan Page – Against the World – Radio Edit
2 Chainz – We Own It (Fast & Furious)
Röyksopp & Robyn – Do It Again
Hedley – Anything
The Script – Superheroes
Tim McGraw – How Bad Do You Want It
Eminem – ‘Till I Collapse
Rick Ross – Push It
DJ Khaled – All I Do Is Win – Feat. T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg & Rick Ross
JAY Z – Dirt Off Your Shoulder
Kenny Loggins – Footloose
Infected Mushroom – The Pretender
Avicii – I Could Be The One [Avicii vs Nicky Romero] – Nicktim – Radio Edit
Ariana Grande – Break Free
One Direction – Rock Me
Killswitch Engage – Holy Diver
Five Finger Death Punch – Mama Said Knock You Out
Coheed and Cambria – The Suffering
Motörhead – Overkill
Lindsey Stirling – Swag
Knife Party – Bonfire
Drake – 0 To 100 / The Catch Up
The Lonely Island – I’m On A Boat
The Black Keys – Gold On The Ceiling
The Black Keys – Howlin’ For You
The Weeknd – Live For
Ellie Goulding – Hanging On – I See MONSTAS Remix
Juicy J – Shell Shocked (feat. Kill The Noise & Madsonik) – From “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”
Pitbull – Time Of Our Lives
Fedde Le Grand – Where We Belong – Zomboy Remix
Eric Church – Keep On

10 Best Beauty Products of 2014


As we enter the new year, it’s important to take a look at 2014 and reflect. I’ll leave the inner reflection and resolutions to you all, I’m not really about that- mostly because if I don’t reflect on my life once a week my Type A personality will drive me insane- so instead I leave you with a lighthearted look back to my favorite products of 2014.

This was a year of trying new things for me, especially with the edition of *FINALLY* learning how to make more full-faced makeup looks work with my limited skill level and funds. Please reap the benefits of my trial-and-error on all fronts, and give these wonderful things a try if you get the chance!

Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion Skin Conditioner

Nivea, nivea in shower body lotion

This is a lifesaver, especially with the temps in record lows here in Denver! My poor boyfriend didn’t even want to take a hot bath for his pulled muscle because he was concerned his skin would dry out mroe. NO FEAR! This is like bathing with lotion, and you feel super soft after you get out of the shower/tub. There’s actually three kinds: Hydrating, Smoothing and Nourishing. You can choose which one you think you need, and it’s really inexpensive as far as any body products go.

click to get it for $7.99 at drugstore.com

GlamGlow Mud

Glamglow, Glamglow mud, face mud

I discovered this on a whim when my stress-levels were making me breakout like I was back in high school! It really did reduce my skin issues and overall redness, and you feel like you’re getting a real mud mask from the comfort of your own home.

click to get it for $69 at Beauty.com

Benefit “They’re Real” Mascara

They're Real Mascara, Benefit Mascara

This mascara really is fabulous. I personally haven’t had *quite* the crazy before-and-after experiences the internet likes to showcase (possibly because I don’t apply more than 2 coats), but it really does do wonders for the length and seperation of my lashes. On my laziest days, one coat still looks super natural and helps me look alert and confident. Completely recommend.

get it for $23 at Ulta

Lancôme “Hypnôse Drama” Mascara

Lancome Mascara, hypnose

Another mascara- craziness! I know, but this has quickly become one of my favorites. Really top-quality results for every day wear. One coat and my lashes are thicker, fuller, and more noticable. Two coats and they’re long and bold. I literally have a travel-sized one in every bag I carry. They last a long time and are easily worth the cost.

click to get it for $27.50 at Nordstrom

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer

Laura Mercier, Concealer

After reading the millions of reviews (and speaking with the beauty counter stylist manager at Nordstrom), I finally broke down and tried this. It really is one of the better concealers I have ever, ever used and it lasts a long time. The 2-tone system makes it possible to self-blend for your perfect shade. Great for on-the-go touch-ups as well.

click to get it for $34 at Nordstrom

Anastasia Brow Powder Duo

We all know that I am obsessed with my eyebrows. Since dying my hair black, I have had a more difficult time towing the line between ‘too dark’ and ‘not filled in enough’. Since the darkest duo had a light and darker shade, I decided to splurge and give it a try. Totally worth it. A few quick strokes with a good angled brush and I’m good to go. For my super-dark hair it”s more natural-looking than a pencil, but I will be buying more shades to try for whatever hair color I move onto next!

get it for $23 at Sephora

NARS Super Orgasm Illuminator

Nars Illuminators

The name is super dirty, I know. I’m a bit of a prude verbally, so when it came to asking for it over-the-counter, I just picked up the sample. It’s gorgeous, though. There are a few lighter tones depending on how bold you want to go and your skin, but I have been using it to amp up my freckles and brighten my face whilst skipping blush entirely. Another great go-to on the lazy days. The *smallest* droplet goes a long way, so expect to get a lot for your money.

get it for $30 at Beauty.com

Mychelle Love Your Lips


After all that other makeup, how about my fav restorative product? This lip balm comes in a few different “flavors”, but I am partial to the “Cherry, Raspberry, Pineapple”. It is all organic, and the big glue stick-sized stick will last you through the seasons. BONUS; it’s not slick or oily-feeling, so I also dab some under my nose after a lot of blowing (hello, cold/flu season) for a little protective moisture.

get it for $12.50 at the Mychelle website

Clarisonic “Mia 2″

Clarisonic Mia2

This little face scrubber was worth every penny. I got it on sale at the beginning of the year and I adore it. Again, I stress myself to the point of mad breakouts, and this has helped immensely. Especially after amping up my makeup game for work, this scrubs and gets all of it off of me at the end of the day! I recommend getting it with a set so you get the travel stuff and the face wash and investing in a seperate exfoliator as well.

get a set for $149 at Lord and Taylor

Well, these were my beauty finds for the year. Did you guys find something that now you absolutely can’t live without? Share it with me!
This post was a duplicate of my work at First Class Fashionista; see my work on that wonderful Denver-based blog here!

Welcome to In Vogue(ish)

fashion shoot, urban fashion, graphic tee, graffiti, fashion graffiti

One doesn’t want fashion to look ridiculous, silly, or out of step with the times – but you do want designers that make you think, that make you look at fashion differently. That’s how fashion changes. If it doesn’t change, it’s not looking forward.
-Anna Wintour

It’s a new year, and I’m excited to finally re-launch Serah in Vogue(ish); rebranded and simplified to In Vogue(ish). If you have followed from the old site: you’re the best. If you are new to the whole shebang: welcome.

Expect this blog to be about fashion. Edgy, dynamic, inspiring fashion.

I have a background in Fashion Design, so my opinions on costs vs worth may differ from other blogs on the internet. I can spot trends to come, and appreciate alt-styles that may never fully come into popular culture. I recognize the function of fast-fashion retailers and their poorly-constructed trend pieces like Forever21. I understand the value of a garment created with couture techniques. I also know that not everything avant-garde, contemporary, or modern is not always couture (you have to be part of an elite group in Paris; read about that here).


Expect Denver events or local fashion stories to crop up on this blog. Understand that some of my style is definitely influenced by my mid-west location in a state infamous for its erratic weather. I will work diligently to bring you the best, the newest, and the most exciting. I realize that there are other fashion and beauty blogs out there- don’t worry, I won’t be pretending they don’t exist. Fashion is about networking, working together, and stepping back and finding you have created something beautiful. Case and point: that photo is all my fashion work. Modeled by a friend, photographed by another, with styling help from a friend & fellow blogger. So let’s work together, communicate, and create a fashion conversation.


Link up with any of the social media pages or comment here and let me know your thoughts, what you like, or what you want to see. More of my work can be found at local Denver blog First Class Fashionista.